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Friday, October 22, 2010

New Post

Okay From last so many days after navratri am eating in evening again !!!!

But Now am thinking in a month or two I'll be leaving, so i will start over again afresh. New Country New Start ^_^

Kind of lame excuse but these days am eating wisely not just eating all the time. Motto is still the same to reduce the weight. As I know around two years back i was only 85 Kg and now 100 KG :-|

So will write about weight loss when I will start again till then let me write something else.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day - 19 Weight loss

Hello World

Yesterday was hard.... I didn't had anything just two apples so in night i was dead hungry... I ate Chane and pineapple... but now my mouth is getting sour... taste buds are clinging to get something spicy... they are not been exposed to the slightest spice in last five days... so it is kind of different and am urging to eat a lot... everywhere i can see the food.

What I do to distract is, I vision me standing there more than 100Kg with huge belly and few damn cool, sexy looking girls passing by, with pity look on their faces. I shrug it off and eat apple in real life.

Hope I keep up the Motivation to reduce the weight. I have to! !!!!!!!

Its the nineteenth Day and I should have lost oodles of weight if i have kept the exercise as prime component... sometimes I slip, but it is been success 90% and I believe if i keep this for 90 days I might reduce 10kg... which is good.

I have read somewhere if i keep this tight for 90 days at a stretch then after 90th day i won't feel it hard, it would be a part of my habit... or just my habit, to eat less and eat wise.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Day-18 Weight Loss

Hello World

Last three days were good.... Despite it was a weekend, I emerged as a winner :D was able to survive the temptations and had only fruits and vegetables.

For Nine days you get the motivation, I think if it were not the navratri i would have fall for that temptation. It was Navratri fast that made me going... and am doing this for all nine days...

I hope after nine days I'll be able to keep this, and with due course loose some weight.

Still the Exercise is the main thing, which is not happening. :(


Friday, October 8, 2010

Day-14 Weight Loss and Navratri Celebrations

Hey Folks

Its been quite few days that am not updating my blog daily. I should get an application for blogging from my Blackberry then I think I might blog more than one post a day :)

For next nine days starting today I will be eating only fruits and vegetables and juices also. That too not like eating truck loads of them, will eat when i will feel hungry. Fasting for Navratri as well as diet.

I miss my Ahmadabad days, back there in Gujarat, navratri is a big celebrations. They have that Garba and Raas Dances. Whole City of Ahmadabad is been decorated and people are so generous there.

Sometimes I feel why I left Ahmadabad, then I think might be because for better future and to learn more. We Pay for our knowledge and Experience... To gain Wisdom we have pay higher I guess.

So Far for Weight Loss, I think i have lost a kilo :) weekend Plan would be to go to gym for Cardio and to check the weight...


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day - 11 Weight Loss

Hello World

I haven't checked my weight in last two weeks... plan is to go and check this weekend. Its been two weeks and yet i have to go to gym... all i did so far is control on food intake. I have to move my butt.

However, I am working more than 14 hours a day so not getting enuff time to spend on other things than work :( ..... Might be another excuse... I have to push my limits to achieve something good.

Today Plan is to eat only vegetables and fruits... no milk and milk products.

More later...


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day - 10 Weight Loss

Hello World

Its been last few days was not able to post, however on weekend I had a party and was off the track of the diet plan. Now back on the track and eating as planned.

Apart from getting drenched in the rain, and catching cough and cold, needed tea so had tea. I am continuing the medicines and no exception for that.

Still, I have to spend time on exercise, which so far didn't. In two days Navratra is getting started so for next nine days i will eat only fruits and vegetables. Navratri is the Indian festival in which we pray Goddess durga. For nine days i will have a reason not to eat, else when on diet sometimes you eat chupke se.

Hope I will start exercising soon again, this weekend I have to go to see a doctor for my increase Uric Acid level, i feel more tiered and pain i my wrist and ankle every morning, and this is now often.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Day-4&5 Weight Loss

Hello People

Sorry for yesterday... Lazy I am but am back on Blog. First thing I want to say Now is that am working on this because I love myself and want to live lightly :) second a Big Thank you to Vikas Bahar.... he is pushing everyday and taking care of my schedule. I need someone who can do that (Now don't tell me to get married).

Even thought I feel i should not be dependable on someone, one should take care of self. For that you have to be strong in your decisions and Disciplined, which is i am not. So I get lazy often and quit things after few days of starting. This time I feel strong because Vikas is there, taking care of me... I'll give my 100% and will get in Shape in two months... Now the Big thing is to start working out... Weekend has come so planning to spend some time in Gym and then make it routine.

Till then I will be writing, though there are few readers of this post... never mind :)

Thank you Vikas for being there... :D :)


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day-3 Weight Loss

Hello World

So far so good except the gym part as am getting late in office everyday reaching home by Ten O'clock in night leaving to option to workout. I believe along with diet and this ayurvedic herbs exercise is the major thing am missing. If I start exercise then i will loose faster.

Two days went well with just a little glitches that I had a tea.... as in this diet program they say no to Milk and Milk Products.

Day-3 has started and I had that usual hot drink followed by the shake. Now in Office working. Will go for Lunch at around 01:00 P.M. till then i have loads of work which i have to finish, am already having three weeks backlog:(

Send me your ideas if you have any for the weight loss.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day - 2 Weight Loss

Hello World

Day - 1 was good apart from the Gym thing, by the day end I was not in mood to go to Gym and it was late. Today again I'll be in office a little late. Yesterday I had this ayurvedic medicines and that was all with one shake and a light lunch.

Today is Tuesday and I am thinking to give some respect to my beloved God Hanuman ji. So thinking to eat only Vegetables and Fruits. The Shake is usual one in morning I had and in evening again will have one.

Though I strongly believe that there should be some physical exercise, however I don't have choice to run away from work, as am already behind schedule which is not good.

I have to finish tasks before this week end. :-| keeping this diet plan and the stuff am eating, I hope I stick to this plan keeping my energies high.

Day - 1 was Success as I say 80%... Day -2 Starts let see how will this go.

More will come...

Current Weight: 100 Kg
Target Weight: 85 Kg (In three Months)


Monday, September 27, 2010

Day - 1 Weight Loss

Hello World


No matter what happen, this time i will write everyday through this program and update, even if i fail i will write... I should write, this thing i can do any time and better than anything (I guess so).

So today morning we started this program and it is at least 90 days program... I don't have that much time left, though till the time i am here i will follow this. I am planning to post more than one post a day. Let see.

In this program i have few herbal drink and ayurvedic stuff which vikas has brought from Rajasthan for me... he says it works it worked for his brother and father.

Along with this, I will go to Gym regularly for next 90 days.

Good Luck to me !!!! More will come soon

Weight: 100 Kg
Height: 5'10''