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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day - 19 Weight loss

Hello World

Yesterday was hard.... I didn't had anything just two apples so in night i was dead hungry... I ate Chane and pineapple... but now my mouth is getting sour... taste buds are clinging to get something spicy... they are not been exposed to the slightest spice in last five days... so it is kind of different and am urging to eat a lot... everywhere i can see the food.

What I do to distract is, I vision me standing there more than 100Kg with huge belly and few damn cool, sexy looking girls passing by, with pity look on their faces. I shrug it off and eat apple in real life.

Hope I keep up the Motivation to reduce the weight. I have to! !!!!!!!

Its the nineteenth Day and I should have lost oodles of weight if i have kept the exercise as prime component... sometimes I slip, but it is been success 90% and I believe if i keep this for 90 days I might reduce 10kg... which is good.

I have read somewhere if i keep this tight for 90 days at a stretch then after 90th day i won't feel it hard, it would be a part of my habit... or just my habit, to eat less and eat wise.


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