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Friday, October 8, 2010

Day-14 Weight Loss and Navratri Celebrations

Hey Folks

Its been quite few days that am not updating my blog daily. I should get an application for blogging from my Blackberry then I think I might blog more than one post a day :)

For next nine days starting today I will be eating only fruits and vegetables and juices also. That too not like eating truck loads of them, will eat when i will feel hungry. Fasting for Navratri as well as diet.

I miss my Ahmadabad days, back there in Gujarat, navratri is a big celebrations. They have that Garba and Raas Dances. Whole City of Ahmadabad is been decorated and people are so generous there.

Sometimes I feel why I left Ahmadabad, then I think might be because for better future and to learn more. We Pay for our knowledge and Experience... To gain Wisdom we have pay higher I guess.

So Far for Weight Loss, I think i have lost a kilo :) weekend Plan would be to go to gym for Cardio and to check the weight...


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