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Monday, January 5, 2009

Six Nights and Seven Days

Wrote Some Post in last few weeks.. was unable to publish so publishing Now.

Monday, December 15, 2008 12:39:00 PM

I watched one Movie I guess on Saturday or on Sunday Night, it was on star movies. Movie Name was “Six Nights and Seven Days”. I kind of liked the movie, specifically in the end there was conversation between the Leas actress and her boyfriend, the boyfriend said he is guilty that he cheated her when he thought she is dead and then lead actress said she also felt in love with Quinn (Harrison Ford). Then they said this should not have happened if they were in love.

Nice situation and very well said, if you are in love with someone, love means a lot it is not just four letter word, I faced that and I have seen someone, she was in love with one guy that much that no one can distract her from her focus. She was and is rock solid in her thought that she has to marry that one guy only no matter who so ever come to me and asks me to marry.

I salute that love, that Love is everything. I wonder why people cheat their partners, are they not in love with them or something else. Why just they don’t talk. Why infidelity. I mean if you are in love with some one then you never cheat, you accept rather you love what he or she is, you take all likes and dislikes and you feel comfortable inside. That one make your heart beat faster and slower at same time. The feeling of love makes you feel happy and you concentrate better on what you do.

Ahhh… I felt only once and then it was gone, Second time I felt again and then it was not made for me. Now am back to blog J

Sometimes I wonder why human being felt so, I thought I will never feel such again in my life, but I felt and when I didn’t get that then I was sad. I guess that is how god created us with Mind and heart.