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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Sunday

Yesterday We( me with my office team) went to attend a session, that was supposed to be a Project Event in which people enjoy.

Our Managers decided to do this in different way (as achievers don't do different things...they do things in different way). So we were asked to come to event in any case, That session.. day long activity was about team building and "How to Live Life Powerfully".

Any ways the session was conducted by some well known industry expert in that field. His name was (is) Raj Mali.

He conducted some team building exercises and more was his words... he was good at speaking and influencing people with his words. People were already aware of what he said, people knew what is there and deep inside they were scared to discuss that. What was lacking, people do not wanted to come out of their comfort zone. Raj discussed those points and concentrated on those areas only. When people came to know that others also think same, which means I am normal :) . This leads to a more thinking phase.

Everybody has their secret desire and they wish if those desires get fulfilled life will be life fairytale. The Points which he covered were

Context in life
How to Live with some focus
Risk Factor in Life

What we got from the session was, you have to LET GO things and change your context. If you stick to the same old context then it may lend you in trouble. Life is meant for Move On.

My Context in Life were

Acceptance by People

What I learn t is to add few more context in life

Gratitude and Abundance

Live Life to the fullest and live life with Context which gives you completeness.

I will keep on learning new things and add new values to myself as well as I will give back to the society and the community.

One last line which I just remembered "In your Knowledge Lies Avoidance".

Thanks Raj for such session.