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Monday, September 27, 2010

Day - 1 Weight Loss

Hello World


No matter what happen, this time i will write everyday through this program and update, even if i fail i will write... I should write, this thing i can do any time and better than anything (I guess so).

So today morning we started this program and it is at least 90 days program... I don't have that much time left, though till the time i am here i will follow this. I am planning to post more than one post a day. Let see.

In this program i have few herbal drink and ayurvedic stuff which vikas has brought from Rajasthan for me... he says it works it worked for his brother and father.

Along with this, I will go to Gym regularly for next 90 days.

Good Luck to me !!!! More will come soon

Weight: 100 Kg
Height: 5'10''


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