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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day - 10 Weight Loss

Hello World

Its been last few days was not able to post, however on weekend I had a party and was off the track of the diet plan. Now back on the track and eating as planned.

Apart from getting drenched in the rain, and catching cough and cold, needed tea so had tea. I am continuing the medicines and no exception for that.

Still, I have to spend time on exercise, which so far didn't. In two days Navratra is getting started so for next nine days i will eat only fruits and vegetables. Navratri is the Indian festival in which we pray Goddess durga. For nine days i will have a reason not to eat, else when on diet sometimes you eat chupke se.

Hope I will start exercising soon again, this weekend I have to go to see a doctor for my increase Uric Acid level, i feel more tiered and pain i my wrist and ankle every morning, and this is now often.


Monday, October 4, 2010

What defines what we are and what we deserve

what defines what we are and what we deserve and Why ?

is it Karma ?? How ??

Today Saw a not so able man collecting waste from Bin and someone slapped him, I cried n he saw me crying n just smiled. What I was doing donno... what make me different from him... Why God made us so different one get food one get nothing. Why I deserve this luxury and he don't.

When I saw that guy he was quietly collecting waste from a bin outside one eatery. He was wearing a old coat, pants and shoes... Next thought came in my mind was, where he sleeps where he eat, where he do his daily activites.. these thoughts were so strong and so powerfull that next thing happen to me is i heard my heart beat and few tears came out... after that i cried like donno what... my friend who were with me they asked what happened... why you crying... I said I saw plight of a man, to just live.

While wrting this I donno why same face came again and am crying.. yes...

What karma is... what defines what we are... and what we would be.... Why that guy is suffering and am watching him suffering.

I will edit this post later... i am kind of filled with those thoughts again and don't have words to express...

But If GOD exists then why he do that to us. God says we are all his children, yet he do this to his children ???

:( :(

Friday, October 1, 2010

Day-4&5 Weight Loss

Hello People

Sorry for yesterday... Lazy I am but am back on Blog. First thing I want to say Now is that am working on this because I love myself and want to live lightly :) second a Big Thank you to Vikas Bahar.... he is pushing everyday and taking care of my schedule. I need someone who can do that (Now don't tell me to get married).

Even thought I feel i should not be dependable on someone, one should take care of self. For that you have to be strong in your decisions and Disciplined, which is i am not. So I get lazy often and quit things after few days of starting. This time I feel strong because Vikas is there, taking care of me... I'll give my 100% and will get in Shape in two months... Now the Big thing is to start working out... Weekend has come so planning to spend some time in Gym and then make it routine.

Till then I will be writing, though there are few readers of this post... never mind :)

Thank you Vikas for being there... :D :)