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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Looks are deceptive

Since Morning I am thinking about money and life... i updated few status updates of FaceBook as well.

Then few minutes back i got call from my dear friend sarvesh, he might have read those updates. He asked me one thing and wanted me to write it on facebook status. I thought and started writing and then I thought cutting sort that thought won't be good... so here it is.

when a girl or boy (we can take man or woman for more adult side) is not good looking (physical appearance) or say fat and not in hour glass figure (for girls) and not having six pack body, chiseled body (for men). He/she will compromise/more understanding and humble will be so sweet to others and people will say "so sweet" or "nice person".

Now if a girl or boy is good looking or say with hour glass figure and jaw dropping appearance then he/she would be more arrogant and more demanding or say Nakhare !!!

Does that mean Looks Matter... Looks are deceptive !!! Does that mean we change our behavior based on how we look ?

There is a tiny miney Hippocrite in all of us.. accept it.

I am not so good looking (right now) but what will happen to my behavior if I'll be good looking with six pack abs and nice features.

In Above piece of thoughts it is not applicable to all, based on what we have seen and experienced we thought this and I wrote this. Exceptions are always there, in both cases

a not so good looking person with bad behavior and a wowsome looking person with humble behavior.

Mostly I believe we do keeping pity in our mind, like we do charity keeping pity in our thoughts. I go to NGOs not because I am pity on them or I am proud that i am better than them.

I believe they are kids with no parents or not educated parents, so it depends on upbringing, how we can make difference, so I go there to show them and to explain them the importance of good behavior and try to give them good thoughts, a small part of upbringing.

So say truth to yourself, if not to anyone just to yourself, look into your own eyes directly in a mirror and think of what you doing. Clear Conscience is mirror of a person. It helps, it helped me.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hello World

From last couple of weeks am trying two numbers one is my cousin whom I lend some money and I needed money so thought to contact him, if he can return my money back (its been 3 years he took the money). So from last two weeks he stopped taking my calls.

Another is number of Mr. Pulkit Gaur, he is my friend... i don't know if I am his, but no reply from him either. He has time to add friends on facebook and for work, but he don't have time to pick my calls. I think he also think i am gonna ask some money from him :-|

It is different how people change, when they are in need they are super sweet to you, and then forget. I would say my friend Jasdeep and Sahil are not like that, they are I know can lend me money any time and I will make sure if i say by that time i will return I WILL, that applies vice versa.

Why I am writing this in a blog, because I saw updates from pulkit on twitter and am happy for that. Good for him, as his company now selected in RedHerring Asia 100 Finalist.

So I think, and think and find is it me only or everybody think like that. That you have to be sweet with someone in order to get your work done. Where goes the concept of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Till date i was thinking friendship is unconditional.

One more guy his name is Shailendar, he is dear friend of mine and when everything else give up i look at him and he say Okay !!! and it is not like i have to do some efforts to please him or other my friends.

Life teaches you lessons everyday, yet you make mistakes to learn more. In few weeks I am going to start all over again and I will keep these things in mind to help or being good to anyone.

There is this girl in my office, we go in bus together and the other day we were discussing about the alliances and togetherness, I told her that alone you can do many things, but in life you need friends to stand by you. Not like marriage is necessary but your friends are necessary.

For me Friends are bigger then to get married. I don't know how married life would be but friendship is here from long and helped me to grow what I was and what I am.

If no feelings then you are like ROBOT !!! Feelings make us different from machine, even animals do have feelings.

Still am not calmed after writing random paragraphs and writing random thoughts. I thought it will help me to get rid of those thoughts which are making whirl wind of thoughts in my mind and secreting some chemicals in body that now my body is so tired.

Thoughts are so powerful that you can make and break things.. make and break relations.

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Post

Okay From last so many days after navratri am eating in evening again !!!!

But Now am thinking in a month or two I'll be leaving, so i will start over again afresh. New Country New Start ^_^

Kind of lame excuse but these days am eating wisely not just eating all the time. Motto is still the same to reduce the weight. As I know around two years back i was only 85 Kg and now 100 KG :-|

So will write about weight loss when I will start again till then let me write something else.