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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Its been ages, remembered few friends I thought college days..Shailendar, Vikas, Gagan, Chirag, Aashish, Manan, Saurav, Manish, Tarun, Sandeep, DD, RajPal..Gang goes on an On,Before My college days i was like dork (Yes u can call Dumb)... Those days were best days of my life... COllege Days. I hope to meet many of them soon again... Shailli am meeting today.

There is One person called Pulkit Gaur... and omore Dinesh, Vrajesh, Sarvesh and few more in Vodafone M&G.... List is Endless.

Few in Office Few on FaceBack and On Twitter.

Spreading the Love of Friendship Day... Happy Friendship day My Friends

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Forever !!!!! I owe you all a lot my Friends !!!!


vikas said...

Abbe Friendship DAY ke Pute .. Saale u had d time to effing sit down and blog but no time to effing answer my call ..

Subhash said...

@Vikas dude you called early in the morning that day... after that when I tried your number it was not reachable :) anyways you coming back now to pune so we will party again every weekend !!!!