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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Tuesday 09th June 9, 2009

Do we agree that fragrances and smells are permanent…like I just bought one deodorant which I used a year back… when I use this and smell it then I can feel the same feeling which I had a year back, that coziness in the air… missing my friend Vikas and the time we enjoyed together….

I believe our mind stores such memories ad give index to them with some specific pointers :P too technical… it is like we remember all good memories with some links and smell senses performs a major role to it like vision. Vision sense is powerful to remember things, I read it somewhere for memory classes and for faster and strong memory they relate things with images and make connections.

Likewise Smell sense comes second in the list, If I have a permanent memory attached to one specific fragrance then it is hard to change it, sometimes it gives nostalgic memory… and yes here fragrance means a pleasant smell which soothes your nerves and relaxes you so that you can think or imagine the past time which you have related to the fragrance.

It is almost monsoon here in Pune and I bought some good deodorants and perfumes from same old shop which vikas showed me Bro’s Shop at M.G. Road  and am enjoy these fragrances with rain and remembering good old days… Feeling nostalgic and lonely but sometimes you enjoy your loneliness… and specially me now befriended my loneliness and we both have good time always…

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