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Thursday, April 2, 2009


I don't know from whom am running away, from whom am trying to stay away, from whom I am scared.. yes I am scared. I don't know why I feel so unsecure, uncertain about everything.

I am escaping from one situation which am facing currently... It is not like I can't do it but it is taking a lot of time to complete the task and for which am not happy. I feel so scared even to get out of my flat... is it Escapism or is it simple unsecurity which make me feel paranoid.

I don't know what is it but it really haunting me... it make me feel you are alone and trust no one. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Though I want to connect to new people I want to meet new people I want to know more about the world, so I created my profiel on Twitter @subhashbohra but then also I feel people are doing many things and am no where... why i compare myself with other... i think this way i can evaluate myself... however it make me feel low then also i can't resist to compare myself with almost everything...

I started writing blog some time ago but I can see myself as a lazy guy who is always confused about many things... who is not having rock solid FOCUS of any thing. Who start many things but with time pufff !!! all gone... I can't keep pace with that all. I want to do many things in life and I know what they are and how to start but that lazy guy over powers and am still here....

Hope this time I will as I have started again... I will reach some place which will make me feel better and secure.


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