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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Year - 2009

Was just thinking about New Year, I have created one list.. which lists all the action items on me or say things which I want to do in coming year, I have to accomplish, I have to do, my liabilities, my backlog, things where I lag behind ( as compared to others(you can’t stop comparing in your mind.. that is human nature). This list includes my wish list as well. What I wish and I wish to get and achieve. My all hidden desires which I want to…

I am trying to create one list which will include what went wrong this year, what I did, what good happened, when my heart felt great, when my heart felt bad, when I my mind felt bad. New experiences, new people, new environment and lot many more.

Do you think you can also such list, if you can give it a try, and discuss this on New Year with your friends or family… and I believe doing this you can feel better and de-stressed?

You can talk of solutions as well.

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