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Thursday, December 4, 2008

BladeRunnerZZZ Trip Done : Night Trip to Sinhgad on 28th

Sunrise at Sinhgad, well this term seems to be invalid as this is my second night trip to Sinhgad and have never been lucky to witness it.

All we got to see was

Night Trip ---- the term itself excites me, and when we planned d trip to Sinhgad it was even more exciting as I had been there once .

And so with the itinerary send and the preparations done, we met at the 24 Hrs Open CCD at Chandni chowk, though the departing time as mentioned in the itinerary was 1: 15am , we started at around 2:30am ; Coffees and Conversations binding us.

So off we go on the pathetic roads to Sinhgad, took the wrong road once and when we took the right road we realized that the entry to Sinhgad in the night has been stopped since 15th Aug . Entry opens from 7 in the morning and they have also started taking charges for allowing bikes and cars (20/bike, 50/car).

This was our first halt, we spread the mattress bought by Nitin and sat down there to enjoy the stars with groundnuts :P. We also took some frightening snaps of ourselves with the torch light on our face

Finally we patoed the security guard , paid him some Ghoos :P and started for the hills ..

The roads as mentioned were pathetic and we had to be extra careful so as not to slip.

As we neared the top, suddenly it started raining and there was haze all over to the extent that we were not able to see the bike in front of us, this reminded me of Malshej (What a lovely trip it was). So slowly and carefully we reached the base camp of Sinhgad. On reaching there due to the rain and mist we were not able to realize which direction to go in till the tapri waala bhaiya lead us to the parking .

D tapri waale baba though looks too young for the tag BABA but was very friendly and also strict at times (see how he is making people wait for the sandwiches), he helped making sandwiches and also shared some with us . Thx to Gita and Nitin for the sandwiches .

D 2 stooges @ Sinhgad

And Finally The Vampire and the beauties

Lots of snaps and exploration later we started back for the base camp where the tea and kande bhaji was waiting for us.

Stomach full and happy abt the trip we started back for the Khadagwasla dam where we spotted these beasts all raring to go for another trip ..

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