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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Today's Twitter Update so far

Below is the twitter Micro Blog of today, I think I really Need help... is anybody out there who can help me on following issues.

# Any HR People out there who can understand my dilemma then please elp.. looking for #KRA #KPA #HR #Goals how to achieve 4 minutes ago via Echofon

# Any suggestions and advice anybody want to give me on my last few tweets then it wud b a great help.. please help me out... 5 minutes ago via Echofon

# So I have to think and show concrete output n faster output to my work n get some recognition.. i guess that will give some standing to me 6 minutes ago via Echofon

# wat i do is not enough for me it gives feeling that m slow in my work n sometimes not competent enough :| smtimes non productive 7 minutes ago via Echofon

# I sometimes feel lazy (read most of the time) and lose my focus so it delay my deadlines..n those are not strict too.. but yes i do feel... 10 minutes ago via Echofon

# not excuses but the points where I lag and to improve it.. i say he should decide weekly or bi-weekly target n set some gifts for motivation 11 minutes ago via Echofon

# my GL asked me that we need to talk on why it took that long time to finish automation of one application.. have to find reasons 12 minutes ago via Echofon

# I got another task from my regular work to create interview questions (Subjective) for #QTP which will delay my regular work. 14 minutes ago via Echofon

# Good Morning world !!! Did some realty check and no day dreaming anymore (yes I do that a lot), we have meet up on friday n will focus now ! about 3 hours ago via Echofon

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Financial Access at Birth (FAB) Campaign

Hi People

Good Morning !!!!

Today Morning on My Twitter Updates I saw a RT from ISB

It was about FABCAM
Financial Access at Birth (FAB) Campaign.

I read that blog from Bhagwan and like that. Then I Retweeted that and dropped an email to Bhagwan. Also I informed my CSR Team here in my organization hoping they will respond positively.

I am spreading the word, please spread for the good cause. Share this at all social networking joints. Retweet on Twiter and share of Facebook.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

India Inc wakes up to social media

Tuesday July 7, 2009

Morning when I was entering the office I saw one magazine kept near sofa, on cover page I saw some familiar logos like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn then for a second I stopped by and read the line “India Inc wakes up to social media”

I came in and after some usual work I couldn’t resist myself to find that article online. Found it and after reading it I thought to update my blog. From last few weeks am thinking on things to do and things which are happening in and around. I believe my thought sometimes (rather all the times) are scattered and they kept of wandering in the space to find the answers… answers are there however due to not so focused approach am not able to find them. Like I say I live in a material world and whatever happens around me affects me, I met many people online and gone through their profiles.. they have transformed yes transformed because considering the change is to time ratio that is huge and people has done remarkable things in short time and got recognition. Recognition I believe is one thing which is bigger than the money. I met those people (Julia Roy, Akanksha Redhu, Neha Tiwari, Naina Redhu) on social media/ networking website and found them interesting and impressed by their work.

I sometimes feel am at the wrong place, I do not belong here… writing code and doing same work… I believe I belong to internet… then why am here why not like others (okay here again comparison) am doing things online and make my own outstanding, I guess my excuse (yes excuse not reason…accept it) for this is I am bound by many things and am not focused.. what I do to be focused… nothing !!! when I read such things and feel I can also do things like this and a lot better than this then for time being I get focused and with time it all settled down. It gives me irritating feeling that I don’t want to be like others who just live.. I want to be a part of that group who makes the difference.. I have to be disciplined and regular…

I promised myself that I will make one post everyday on my blog… like that I can with time make some presence on internet and then can say am doing things from quite some time. Now after so many days am posting again…

I promised myself that I will study regularly and hard so that I can come out from this rat race.. coz I believe only higher education can catapult my career now not simple every year changes.. what I want from life is I want to make a difference.. I read every day in newspaper that some guy did some remarkable… now go back to that guy’s profile and check out what and when he did… first help yourself then help others… am not helping myself!!!!

I promised myself that by the time now I will be a happy and relaxed person… am I ??? I guess I will never… coz my priorities are different from others and my thinking level is different.. and you cannot change a person until he/she want to change himself/herself by own. That is all mind set and willingness to change.

Hope Now I get focused as I am done with my work quite some.. and writing blog. I sometimes feel scared and not free.. why I don’t know. Why am scared and from whom am scared. I applied simple theory.. that when I do something wrong or don’t do what I a meant to do then I feel scared. I am also scared of change though change is inevitable but it gives me those sleepless nights… but it helps me to grow.

Hope this time change will come after some time and I will stay put and learn new things.

If you read again you will find mixture of thought and kind of mess of thought (*yes that is the right word)… I will keep on blogging and update here with new mess-of-thoughts