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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day -2

Day-1 Summary

Yesterday I started my program which I would like to stick to it and lose some weight. It was Children's Day yesterday and a tiering day in the end. I went to office at 09:00 A.M. and since then was busy in arranging and managing the event, we at Blossom (A CSR initiative at AMDOCS) conduct events for not so previledged kids and we work with many NGOs on regular basis.

So I had a lunch at around 01:15 P.M. had masala rice, salad and raita.

At 04:00 P.M. had tea and two karachi Biscuits (from Hydrabad)

At 08:30 P.M. had dinner 2 chapati dal and sabji this is it.

Did vajrasana after dinner but I was too tired after whole day event that I couldn't hold that for more than a minute. After that at 11:00 I went for a sleep.

For Day-2 Already started... I will right about this later today.

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