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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Swine Flu H1N1

I have read So Much about Swine Flu H1N1 so that I am now scared of even eating chicken. What just happened to the world, before it was bird flu... and many more diseases which were not heard in last 20 years.. I mean pork was eaten not in reccent time it is been eaten from decades but 20 years back there were no such issues. Same thing for chicken

Are these all things are it some kind of Sign or some kind of wake up call or some warning from Nature to all that wake up you are exhausting natural resources and destroying Nature.

Global Warming is the major issue and people like me and hundreds other read about it blog about it and at some extent follow to control this. My Take on this all Natural disasters and resources scarcity is Population..Think of all the problem and differentiate the problem to the smallest unit possible and you will find same thing in the end and it is population.

What we are doing to control this... Nothing !!!!. Why am writing this now... In my previous posts I was discussing about me, myself, what i feel on personal and my personal life... Today is Saturday Morning and I just read one News on Swine Flu and in Hyderabad now onw 6 year old girl is the victim, that is height!!!

On twitter we were just discussing this with some light twittes and someone just said she will hate coming out in public wearing some masks al the time... I just replied to her that as she is a designer and NIFT graduate, I can see the market for designer masks and she wrote one Blog Entry on this on her website !!!

Though all it was in light mood but it made me think again where we are and why we are.. so the first two paragraphs are of those thought.

I promise that I will religiously follow the rules and try to help more than a bit to not to add more hazzards to nature.. hope this will be my 10 cents to prevent Global Warming