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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mt Everest

I have been going on treks from last couple of months.. Okay I know I have not written any blog about that….one day I will consolidate all the experience and make one blog, and found it like I have that hidden desire in me to do mountaineering and trekking. I believe there is a mountaineer within. Though I feel scared many a times when trek is of difficultly level high..when I see the chasm just below my feet and I am scared not because I will die. I am sure I will not die but I will break as many bone and wounded that bad so that the pain will be more scary then the death. That Makes me scared, still I go on every trek and complete it successfully. One reason behind it is there is a friend of mine who is expert in trekking and he is fearless, so he gave everytime that hope and motivation so I go. I am here talking only the trek organized by my office and I go there with them only. I am thinking to go for some adventure sports this monsoon as well.

Okay where were we… So mountaineering I feel I should do and I feel good after that…Today in News Paper I read about one girl who recently summit Mt Everest, Here name is Krushnaa Patil She is just 19 year old and she did that. I am just amazed what she will be feeling now. What completeness and what a satisfaction. In the article it was mentioned that while descending she has to cover a stretch all alone and it lasted 7 days. Wow !!!! at 19 she is that rock solid in her thoughts that she did that and she did it successfully.

I have that hidden desire to reach at the top of Mt Everest which now slowly and steadily surfacing and I am working towards it with some increased pace… I have already started preparing as for doing so one has to be physically as well as mentally strong…. And yes financially also.

I think it will take another one year for preparation and hopefully in near future I will do this….wish me luck !!!!

Here is the Article about her…. Great Work Krushnaa.. Kudos to your efforts and hats off to your determination and achievement… All the Best !!!!