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Monday, March 15, 2010

Tips for Writing the Blog

Seems Now a days Everybody is writing something and everybody is clicking something.

I mean everybody start their own blog and feel himself/herself a photographer. I see many people mushroomed out in these two areas.

I read an article on how to write a blog properly in today's newspaper. I felt this is the info which anyone can get only, more than that though.

So why it was in newspaper, to just fill the empty space, because they couldn't find any specific topic to publish. What happened to Journalism then.

Tips for Writing the Blog

• Make your opinion known People like blogs, they like blogs because they are written by people and not corporations. People want to know what people think, crazy as it sounds they want to know what you think. Tell them exactly what you think using the least amount of words possible.

• Link like crazy Support your post with links to other web pages that are contextual to your post.

• Write Less Give the maximum amount of information with the least amount of words. Time is finite and people are infinitely busy. Blast your knowledge into the reader at the speed of sound.

• 250 is enough A long post is easier to forget and harder to get into. A short post is the opposite.

• Make Headlines snappy Contain your whole argument in your headline. Check out National newspapers to see how they do it.

• Include bullet point lists It structures the info in an easily digestible format.

Need New LayOut

I need a new layout of my blog. Is there any blogger layout designer out there who can design my blog for free or for the amount what I can afford.

It is again a new zest came in so again working on blog.... Last weekend went through some MLMs and other internet marketing businesses and Google AdSense.

Some Demo from MattCutts and YouTube.

Let see how far I go this time... I am already on Twitter though.

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