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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Society we Live in

Wednesday October 14, 2009

Today morning I called up my brother(cousin) for some help (assistance) I needed, he said he is not in the town(he stays in Jaipur) and went to Jodhpur; to attend one of our cousin’s engagement. I don’t know what but I felt that people around him (my first cousins only, uncles, aunts) asked who is this and when they found it is me then I heard ‘Oh’… I don’t know what I did wrong with them or to anybody so that people take me like ‘Oh’… why they are so full of hatred and bad feelings for me.

I know we all need family and many says they are family men/women. However those who says (to me) that and I can feel sometimes when they are down (one or two drinks) they accept they are not that happy and they hate this and that. They want to be free like (say me) but they are in society and because of that they can’t. Why so hypocrite.

I believe Society is made by us only, if we are with such dual standards and dual thinking for anyone (for me all have) then you are not making a better society… you are not making better world. I see people having double standards and yet they are kept on doing this… don’t they have self respect.

Why people treat me like this because back there in my hometown people have enough time to do this sort of things and they all have their own false ego… they don’t speak truth et al and they always portray what they are not. It hardly hit back to them as to whom they are portraying that he/she is also doing the same thing.

I was excited till today that I am going home and will meet people out there, now I am not… I will go home meet my parents and stay at home only…

Here people respect the other person only if he/ she is doing what they say and what makes their false ego bigger. I am not that types and once I tried to do so… I did what they said… but soon I realized I can’t do that for a long and it happened naturally to me that I can’t stand for such a false things.. I did that because it was making them happy and I did that for their happiness… but my mind and heart gave up… So back there people (around me there ) took me as social catastrophe and treat me like that.

I can say it hardly affects me… But I knew deep down inside to answer them and to say make them feel that they are wrong I have to do something big…… then I think should I do that.. for them ?? who they are no one !!! I go there max twice in a year… so they hardly matters to me… am I breaking some nature’s law which say we are social animal and we should stay in society… Can’t we build a new society around us…

Does that mean if you are single then people in society should (must) look at you with one eyebrow up and thinking that there is something fishy with that guy. Why you want to get married when you didn’t find someone suitable for you… get married to only one with you are compatible and vice versa… speak upfront and try to be clear… second if your chemistry and wavelength (mental and thought) match then only you should get married to that person… as you are planning to stay with that one for next 30 years at least…

I found that and realized this again and again that Success is a relative term… Brings many relatives along with and with your goodwill you cannot charm people for long… people out there understand only language of money… you bribe them with gifts and talk all good about the (though they are wrong and not good)… they will do best marketing for you and they will work as your PR personnel out there and make a good image of yours.

That is what we are living with and this what we call a society…. I am happy that I am alone and Single…. Away from this day to day drama and society responsibility (which is not a responsibility at all)… I am happy with my activities which I do under CSR and I know my social responsibility to make a better world…

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!! I……