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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

India Inc wakes up to social media

Tuesday July 7, 2009

Morning when I was entering the office I saw one magazine kept near sofa, on cover page I saw some familiar logos like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn then for a second I stopped by and read the line “India Inc wakes up to social media”

I came in and after some usual work I couldn’t resist myself to find that article online. Found it and after reading it I thought to update my blog. From last few weeks am thinking on things to do and things which are happening in and around. I believe my thought sometimes (rather all the times) are scattered and they kept of wandering in the space to find the answers… answers are there however due to not so focused approach am not able to find them. Like I say I live in a material world and whatever happens around me affects me, I met many people online and gone through their profiles.. they have transformed yes transformed because considering the change is to time ratio that is huge and people has done remarkable things in short time and got recognition. Recognition I believe is one thing which is bigger than the money. I met those people (Julia Roy, Akanksha Redhu, Neha Tiwari, Naina Redhu) on social media/ networking website and found them interesting and impressed by their work.

I sometimes feel am at the wrong place, I do not belong here… writing code and doing same work… I believe I belong to internet… then why am here why not like others (okay here again comparison) am doing things online and make my own outstanding, I guess my excuse (yes excuse not reason…accept it) for this is I am bound by many things and am not focused.. what I do to be focused… nothing !!! when I read such things and feel I can also do things like this and a lot better than this then for time being I get focused and with time it all settled down. It gives me irritating feeling that I don’t want to be like others who just live.. I want to be a part of that group who makes the difference.. I have to be disciplined and regular…

I promised myself that I will make one post everyday on my blog… like that I can with time make some presence on internet and then can say am doing things from quite some time. Now after so many days am posting again…

I promised myself that I will study regularly and hard so that I can come out from this rat race.. coz I believe only higher education can catapult my career now not simple every year changes.. what I want from life is I want to make a difference.. I read every day in newspaper that some guy did some remarkable… now go back to that guy’s profile and check out what and when he did… first help yourself then help others… am not helping myself!!!!

I promised myself that by the time now I will be a happy and relaxed person… am I ??? I guess I will never… coz my priorities are different from others and my thinking level is different.. and you cannot change a person until he/she want to change himself/herself by own. That is all mind set and willingness to change.

Hope Now I get focused as I am done with my work quite some.. and writing blog. I sometimes feel scared and not free.. why I don’t know. Why am scared and from whom am scared. I applied simple theory.. that when I do something wrong or don’t do what I a meant to do then I feel scared. I am also scared of change though change is inevitable but it gives me those sleepless nights… but it helps me to grow.

Hope this time change will come after some time and I will stay put and learn new things.

If you read again you will find mixture of thought and kind of mess of thought (*yes that is the right word)… I will keep on blogging and update here with new mess-of-thoughts

Friday, June 26, 2009

I started yesterday for my home to attend a marriage back here...many things happened on the way.. i thought to write them in some chronological order.. but not today thought to write that in some time...but when i came home then i got some shocking news and some updates which I expected to hear well before...

My mom had High Blood Pressure problem and she was admit in hospital for 3 days.... no body informed for that... then after that my dad met an accident and again am not informed... Now I am feeling bit different, I don't know why they didn't told me about that. Those two things now people are say were real serious and critical but why then nobody informed me. I am now not able to understand the seriousness of the situation now... and what should I do... how should i react to this. I am not that bad dad....

I am not feeling bad and am feeling bad for that that am not feeling bad for this.... Damn !!!! am not suppose to write a blog here when am on vacation and attending a marriage.. but these things made me to think what I am and why I am like writing this blog !!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Amdocs A year back...A year Now

Today June 16, 2009 I completed one year in my current organization and it was successful one year... with some Hiccups. Yesterday I planned to go office on this day to enjoy my work... but hell from yesterday I am having Back Ache and it is muscle sprain... I barely sit for more than ten minute, I have applied some spray and doctor told me to take complete rest.
Ahem.... Now about my work life in Amdocs (My Current Organization where I work in its India Office), Here I met many people in last one year... Worked on various projects and faced heat in work shit... will not discuss about projects in detail as per company Policy. Will talk about some people whom I met... whom I liked, I came across and I admired.
On June 16th 2008 I met one person who is not head but we can see he only working of operations department Mr. Prasad Bhutada... he explained us about some company policies and the facilities... all other details which company operations team discuss at the time of induction... I thought not include this part in my post but when I look back I cannot exclude Mr. Bhutada’s part in my last one year... I was in touch with him if not say on regular basis but weekly and we communicated a lot... he might be communicating hundreds of many people on daily basis so he might not remember my name but that is fine... He is an ex Army man and he manages operations very well.

Once the induction was over I was allocated the project and asked to meet my manager, so search for his location started... in Amdocs as it is a big organisation there are some you can say naming convention followed, each floor is divided in three wings north, south and central.. and based on floor there numbering is set like if it is S-1 which means south wing first floor.So I searched for my location and met my first manager there.
Enough discussing these all.. so I met my first team mates then and got some kind of KT... as I working Software Automation Testing and Having experience in HP QuickTest Professional, a Function Regression testing tool for Software test Automation from HP. So I took a little longer to understand the applications and to implement the automation...that is what I was said in one quarterly review...Finally I showed them one automation code after some time and it was something substantial... By the time things were moving out... and I was moved out to another project... I missed my first project people and loved to stay with them... Before moving out We had one project event...and we all went to pavankhind a place near to ratnagiri... as it was monsoon that time and it was awesome experience... i enjoyed that a lot and it was my one of good lifetime memory which I will cherish always !!!
In my second project I met few people whom I was not met before and by this time I was knowing many people... as I was part of Amdocs Community service and become an active member... In new project I could see more people like me who are working on same tool which am working on and I didn’t felt alien there... But I usually going to meet my old team mates as it took time to grasp that now I moved to new project... I have Move-On
Slowly with time I stopped going to meet my old team and was busy with new work and new team members... then came the blow on me that am not good at my work and I was asked to perform else go home.. I was say upset because I knew I didn’t do any wrong or ill thing.. I was simply blamed because of ill management... So I took the challenge and worked Hard to prove myself... In that transition period some people really helped me and came as mentor to me...I thank them all.

I think what helped me alot was my attitude... people found my attitude as blunt and straight forward... I speak for things straight not wrapped in some flourishing words which satisfies some ones false ego... It helped me as well as took its toll...Finally I was through that phase and came out successfully. In that time all the current team members helped me a lot... I thank them all.
By this time I was gone through turbulence at professional as personal front... At professional front people helped me a lot and at personal I helped myself... started this blog... I was in process of making antibodies for my mind and heart... and I don’t know how much am successful at the point... but still I feel don’t know what when things happen... I mean... virtually it is like it was not for me from first place... but then what was it... I couldn’t understand...
Now am in some another project... yes in less than a year I was moved through three projects and Moved-On... Phew!!! By this time I had my lessons learnt in life and now I act in office which I hate to... but now I see myself as a an artist who has to perform onscreen and has one different life altogether outside... I have learnt my Corporate lessons and trying to implement them.
I met many people in last one year in Amdocs... few of them I would like to mention are Prasad, Mangesh kale(My first manager), sachin, Indranil (aka ID), Siddhartha (aka SID), Rajesh, Arvind( mentioned earlier..he was one of the mentor for me and helped me a lot), manoj(another mentor), Sejal , Aparna, Parashar, kaustubh (yeah I missed one part that I am part of Amdocs trekking group, he is one of the organiser and Nice guy).... there are many more... rather whole Amdocs as people used to say (okay tease me ) that almost 50% of Amdocs India employees would be knowing me, it will be hard to thank them all here... So people I am happy that I met you people...
Here... Today is the day when I stood still and thought What I have achieved in last one year.. I have achieved nothing incredible and nothing astonishing except some more life time experiences and another unsuccessful Story (okay here I have to tell the story to someone... still pending).
So people Now On I don’t want myself to be at same place (not literally) again after one year... I am fed of doing same work with different approach from last four years... I am working on many things at same time. I’ll update you all once I will have something concrete.